Kampong Ayer, Brunei

My colleagues and I supposed to have a half day trip in Labuan during the long weekend two weeks ago. However, the irregular ferry schedule and terrible service has ruined our morning. Hence, we opted for another option, paying a visit to Kampong Ayer which is so near from our residential place. We toured around aboard a water taxi after haggling for the best bargain, which cost us $15. (NO fixed price for the water taxi, try to bargain for a good price.)

2015-05-16 121903

Kampong Ayer is unique. We were impressed by this water village made up of small villages linked together. It is the world’s largest water village and is dubbed ‘Venice of the East’ by Antonio Pigafetta. According to history, people have lived in Kampong Ayer for over 1300 years. The Government has also provided the water village some facilities such as fire station, police station, mosques, jetties, primary and secondary schools etc. Villager can easily call for water taxi at the jetty.

2015-05-16 125920 The boat then docked nearby the Kampong Ayer Cultural & Tourism Gallery. However, we had no luck as the gallery is closed for public holiday. We decided to tour around the newly built village then. The cluster of houses is Semi D-look-alike. According to the boatman, the water village will be gradually upgraded year by year.


The trip took about an hour. Requesting for life jacket is advisable. It happened before some fatal accidents yearly. Hopefully we might get opportunity to visit the gallery in the coming future.

2015-05-16 130718


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