What Can You Expect for a 7-Hour Layover in Rome?

Do you know that you can do a quick tour to Rome with a 7-hour layover in FCO (Fiumicino Airport)?

Take the Leonardo Express Airport Train and reach the centre of Rome (Termini Station) in just 30 minutes! Trains run frequently every 30 minutes with one way fare cost €14. Don’t forget to validate your ticket on the yellow/ green validation machine.


Here are places I have visited during my layover. I spent 3 hours touring around the centre of Rome (exterior of the attractions) by foot.

1. Fontana di Trevi

    The fountain is ranked #1 out of places to see in Rome. It was the first attraction I went during my layover too! To enjoy a tourist-less view, visit the fountain in the early morning. Oh, do not forget to toss a coin into the fountain, legend has it that this will ensure a return to Rome. How to throw the coin? With your back to the fountain, throwing the coin with your right hand over your left shoulder, that’s it!


2. The Pantheon

     The most preserved ancient Roman temple dedicated to all the gods of pagan Rome. The building is well known for it’s world’s largest unreinforced concrete dome – the oculus is the only main source of natural light.


3. Piazza Venezia

    It was the former embassy of the city of the Republic of Venice to Rome and is a transportation hub where several major roads converge together. Furthermore, Napoleon’s mother lived here until her death in 1818.


4. Il Tempo Headquarter

    Il Tempo is a daily Italian newspaper founded in 1944.


5. The Roman Forum

    Without buying entrance ticket, you can still enjoy the spectacular and breathtaking view of the ruins on the way walking to the Colosseum! IMG_4099

6. Colosseum

   Last but not least, how can you miss out the Colosseum, the vast amphitheater on your visit to Rome? There stands also the Arch of Constantine outside the Colosseum to commemorate Constantine I’s victory at the Battle of Milvian Bridge.


There are still a lot of places to explore if you have sufficient time, assuming your flight depart on time, do allow at least 1.5 hours each way for travel from and to FCO.



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