The Federal Route 3 Road Trip – What to See?

It was my first excursion to the east coast of Malaysia, driving along Route 3 to discover hidden gems was a great adventure. The 1,300 KM round trip lasted for 4 days 3 nights, starting point was from Kuala Lumpur.

1. Sungai Lembing

    Accidentally found the popular Time Capsule Retreat when I google for information. Hence, we decided to pass a night there and pay a visit to Sungai Lembing. It is a small tin mining town 42KM northwest of Kuantan, Pahang. The famous attractions here are Rainbow Waterfall, Panorama Hill, Sungai Lembing Town and the museum. However, we only passed our time wandering in town and visited the museum. The environment was lively during weekdays, many shops are closed on Monday.


2. Kemaman

    Stopping by Kemaman was to have a coffee break at Sukiyang Coffee Cafe and taste the famous stuffed crab at Restaurant Tong Juan. The food price is a little bit higher than expected. Nothing really enjoying but taking a cup of coffee and toast, relaxing before our trip continues.


3. Kemasik Beach

   Seriously, I fell in love with the beach at first sight. The weather was indeed hot as we arrived there about noon time but I just can’t stop exploring the beach and took photographs.


4. Rantau Abang Beach

    The beach is the most talked about tourist attraction in Terengganu for the Leatherback sea turtle nesting. Please do not expect any turtle crawling here. Merely a beach, it is!


5. Kuala Terengganu

    The city was another stopover for us. Visited the exterior of floating Tengku Tengah Zaharah mosque, heading to the China Town and had mouth-watering food for lunch. It was not easy to look for a parking space during lunch hour on weekdays though. Do remember to take a walk through the Turtle Alley.


6. Marang Fish Village

    See the fish boats, feel the life of fisherman here! It is also a jetty to the Kapas Island and Tenggol Island.


7. Marang Wave Breaker

    Another recommended attraction. We spent a lot of time here walking to the end of the path.


8. Terrapuri Heritage Village

    For those who love antiques, Terrapuri Heritage Village is the right place for you! The property features a century old classic Malay-style villas with superb facilities. It was a memorable experience for us. The villas are usually fully booked during its peak season, from March to October.



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