The Adventure of Gubeikou Wohushan Great Wall

Looking for Great Wall hike without paying any entrance fee? Yes, you can!
Introducing another worth hiking Great Wall – Gubeikou Wohushan (古北口卧虎山)! Providing another choice for those wild Great Wall lovers, absolutely FREE!


‘Wohu’ means ‘Crouching Tiger’ as the mountain looks like two tigers, one lying on its back while the other lies on its stomach. You can check out my previous post regarding one night stay in a farmhouse, the owner gave us guidance on how to get to the great wall by drawing on a little piece of paper. Oh my, looks like treasure hunt, but it’s full of fun! This is how the adventure begins.


1. Walk out from the main entrance and head left until you see a big tree.


2. Turn left into the alley and walk straight to exit the village.


3. You will then get to the Gubeikou railway, walk across and keep going straight.


4. You will see a water reservoir nearby the railway.


5. You will then see the wild great wall, follow the path, go straight all the way.


6. You will also notice there is an electric pole, watch out! Do not take any other paths as you will be misled here.


7. Keep it up, you are almost there!


8. Bravo, finally~


9. Feel the glorious moment!


10. See your effort walking up the hill, how amazing it was!


11. The sun is warm and kind in autumn, it won’t beat you down.


12. Enjoy this breathtaking view!



1. Get up early at 5:00am, take breakfast and depart at 5:30am if you are keen to watch the sunrise.

2. Be careful while hiking the great wall because it is unrestored and ruined, the hill is steep too!

3. Staying a night at Xu dashu’s farmhouse is recommended, so that you can hike 2 great walls in 2 days and experience farmhouse life in rural area.


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