Living in Marín, Pontevedra

Marín is a beautiful little town located in Pontevedra province, Galicia in Spain. It’s also a place where I spent my 3 months working with a local company. This lovely town has nothing much to offer but calmness and peace.


Friends around me were asking:”Oh, is that real that you got an offer to work in Spain? But where the hell Marín is?”

Alright, I had no idea where Marín is before heading to this town, searching over the web and got very limited information was really frustrating. OMG~Am I really heading to this place? Tonnes of questions popped up in my mind. Well, since I’m an adventurous person, why not just go ahead and discover it?


In consequence, my life in Marín was full of happiness. I always wonder how incredible was that for a Malaysian who does not have any advance knowledge of Spanish language to work in Spain. Furthermore, in the land of Galicia (Citizens were communicating in Galician language). Perhaps nothing can beat you down as long as you’re looking at the bright side. I used body language and very limited Spanish at first. No worry, Spaniards are friendly.


My everyday life in Marín was simple enough. Went to work, cooked my own meal, strolled along the beach and out for lunch/ dinner once a week. This routine sounds great, huh? Indeed it was. I did not experience this kind of life in my home country ever, never!


Besides, Galician food is 100% amazing! The region has over 1,600km of coastline and seafood is a delicacy that makes up a large part of the local diet. The famous dish here is pulpo a la gallega (galician style octopus) , mejillones a la gallega (galician style mussels), calamares fritos (fried squid), gambas con ajillo (shrimp in garlic) etc. 


What I really miss is pimientos verdes fritos (fried Padrón peppers), which only harvested in summer months. 


I’m in love with you, Marín. You had offered me so much sweet memories there. I really miss you, Marín.


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